The King's Closet Newsletter
April 2013 Volume 4, Number 1

Empowering Worship, Using Flags, Streamers, and Billows

The word "worship" brings to mind sounds of music, musical instruments, and singing. One envisions people bowing, kneeling, and even dancing in worship. The Bible declares that all creation declares the glory of the Lord, and all people are created to praise and worship the Lord. With great freedom, children dance with delight and without self consciousness. With that inspiring picture in mind, the King's Closet invites you to explore the dimensions of freedom in worship available through dance and movement using flags, streamers, and fabric billows.

Creating Vivid Visual Worship

Visual worship comes alive as people combine colorful fabrics with simple body movements even as others choose to sing and be blessed and inspired viewing such dramatic worship presented to the Lord. Just as artists wield brushes and palettes of color to paint a picture, so worshippers choose flowing and glowing garments, colorful streamers, flashing flags, and big bold billows, along with unique movements to express their heart of worship.

Stirring the Atmosphere with Flags and Streamers

Why, the first men to set foot on the moon, set up a flag as a sign of "conquering" a new territory. So, too, worshippers take territory and proclaim the Kingship of God using flags and streamers whose colors and designs display the attributes of God, recall the names of God, and declare allegiance to the Lord. Whether majestically waving huge square flags or explosively snapping small colorful flags, worshippers accomplish exploits in the realms of the spirit. Snapping a purple flag from top right to bottom center and then from top left to bottom center (forming a "V") while decreeing and declaring VICTORY, VICTORY, sets up waves of glory in the atmosphere and unseats the powers of darkness.

Making Bold Statements with Billows

Billows, wide lengths of lightweight, flowing fabric, typically held by pairs of worshippers, create colorful displays when lifted to float upon the air. Billows add interpretation to praise and worship songs. Dancers use them to create pictures and tell stories. Even the simplest movements, coupled with the powerful symbolism of colors (like flags), create uplifting and inspiring drama. Two people flagging a billow--held like a banner and cupping the air in back and forth--can send a breeze of the spirit out across the congregation. Billows remove the focus from the individual, demonstrate teamwork, and prove easy to handle for adults, young children, and even those in wheelchairs. Adults and children love being invited to run through (under) the River of Grace or Healing and imagine the River of God's Love engulfing them.

Selecting Instruments of Praise

Numerous Web sites sell flags of various sizes (from huge banner-like flags to tiny ones), shapes (from flame-like forms to scalloped wings), and materials (from stiffer nylons and lames to hand-painted silks). Colors hold significance, and the Holy Spirit will direct the choices and combinations. There's a variety of explanations for the meanings of colors. Here's a basic guide.

• RedBlood of Jesus, redemption
• Royal blueHoly Spirit, truth
• TurquoiseHealing, the river of God
• GreenNew beginnings, eternal life
• PurpleRoyalty, majesty
• Pink/FuschiaCompassion, joy
• WhitePurity, holiness, surrender
• GoldGlory, kingship of God
• RainbowCovenant, faithfulness

In worship, for example, rippling a "river" of turquoise billow could accompany a song about the "river of life" or "healing." Waving white flags could dramatize a song about surrender. Allow the Spirit of the Lord to direct interpretations of scripture, music, and songs regarding colors and fabrics for flags, streamers, and billows.

Following Basic Guidelines

When people want to introduce flags, streamers, or billows into worship services, they should seek the permission and blessing of leadership. They should also take into account the size and layout of the sanctuary or gathering place. Use of flags and streamers requires sensitivity to the proximity of others. Getting too close to fellow troupe members or people seated in the congregation may prove distracting or cause fear of injury or actual injury.

When making preparation for worship, always prepare hearts through prayer for direction about how to praise and worship God. Dress is important. Tight or revealing clothing is never appropriate. The King's Closet offers beautiful overlays–garments of praise–that keep the focus off the individual's body and on worshipping God. Worshippers should always avoid becoming a distraction; and instead, become humble instruments of worship.

Finding Resources

For workshops about using flags, streamers, and billows, contact The King's Closet at Visit our Web site to see our array of garments of praise. Look online for other outlets for worship flags, streamers, and billows or choose to make your own.

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