What is a garment of praise?
The Lord gives us the "garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness" (Isaiah 61:3). Yet we often choose to wear our own garments of pride, selfishness, unforgiveness, rejection, jealousy, or fear. Such garments of heaviness were never God's intention for us.

Can you imagine the Lord's delight if you were to lay aside your heavy garments and try on the garment of praise? Think of the freedom that awaits you when you finally give yourself permission to be like a child in the presence of the King.

What kind of fabric is my garment of praise?
Most of the garments are polyester or a polyester blend. We like these fabrics because they are wrinkle resistant and flow beautifully as you move. Fabrics range from very lightweight shees to burnouts or fabrics with sequins or glitter, and soon we will stock silk and offer custom-ordered fabrics.

Does a scarf come with my garment of praise?
An elbow-length matching scarf is included with each garment. Longer, wide, solid-colored chiffon scarves with finger loops are available separately.

How is the scarf attached to my garment of praise?
The scarf is fed through small shoulder-loops on both sides of your garment. This allows you to: remove the scarf, wear the scarf in different ways, or wear a different scarf.

Can I wash my garment of praise?
The polyester and polyester blend garments are machine washable. Many of the fabrics are lightweight; a gentle wash cycle is recommended.

How do I know if my garment of praise will fit?
The length of your garment is a matter of personal taste. It can vary from just below the knee to ankle length. Plus-size garments have wider panels. The sizing chart accommodates most people, however, we would be happy to customize a garment to meet your needs.

Are there garments of praise for children?
Our short (S) garments often fit older children, and we can always provide smaller, custom garments.

What if a garment is not available in my size?
If possible, we can customize an available garment. Otherwise, fabrics are subject to availability, and we will do our best to fulfill your requests.

How quickly can I get my custom-sized garment of praise?
Depending on availability of the fabric, most custom orders are shipped within two weeks

How can garments of praise be used in my church?
You can wear your garment of praise during corporate worship. Garments of praise are also appropriate for choirs, clergy, acolytes, lay speakers, kidsí church leaders, praise and worship teams, dance teams, and special dramas.

A group of us at church would like to buy matching garments. Is there a price break for group purchases?
We would be happy to work with your group. Please contact us for more information.

Are there garments of praise for men?
The garments are unisex in fit and many of the fabrics appeal to both men and women.

Do garments of praise make good gifts?
Each garment of praise is named and inspired by a specific verse in the Bible. The themes range from worship and faith to encouragement during difficult times. Garments of praise are the perfect gift to express thanks or gratitude, to inspire spiritual growth, to share in celebration, or to comfort and uplift those who mourn.

Can The King's Closet gift wrap a garment of praise?
Each garment comes with a colorful, lightweight, drawstring bag for easy storage. The bag has a special ribbon loop to secure the hang tag that features the name of the garment and its scripture verse.

What is The King's Closet?
We envision the King's Closet as a storehouse of items that inspire spiritual growth and a deeper relationship with the Lord.

Who is The King's Closet, Incorporated?
The King's Closet, Incorporated was launched as a family business with a mission on March 30, 2007. The founding members are brother and sisters, Laura, Myra, Julia, Tim, and Laura's daughter, Hillary.

Where did the idea for these garments come from?
While visiting a church in central Wisconsin, Laura saw a woman wearing a long, sleeveless garment decorated with Christian symbols. She recalled Isaiah 61 that states, "put on a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness." She thought, "What if everyone put on a special garment of praise as they entered the sanctuary for worship?" Sometime later, her sister Myra invited her to a worship conference in Arkansas. There she saw a garment similar to the one she'd seen that Sunday in Wisconsin. When she tried it on, she explained how it was not quite what she envisioned. Several weeks later, Laura received a package in the mail containing a prototype garment from Myra. She was thrilled that Myra's creation fit her vision and that exchange marked the beginning of The King's Closet.

What is The King's Closet story?
In December of 2006, Laura, Myra, and Hillary met to talk about the prototype garments of praise and discuss their vision for the future. They tried on garments, danced, and worshipped together. A mission statement was crafted, and they felt the Lord gave them the name, The King's Closet. On March 30, 2007 the three sisters, brother, and daughter gathered together to officially begin their business-mission venture.

Does The King's Closet support missions?
We tithed our initial incorporation funding to buy sewing machines for a Christian vocational training school led by a pastor in Uganda. We have supported his ministry for many years. We will tithe all of our earnings to support Christian missions. Ultimately, we hope to develop deeper relationships with the missions we support.

Will The King's Closet come to my church and do a praise and worship workshop?
We would love to schedule an event for your church or group within your congregation. We all bring a passion for the Lord and a desire to inspire and encourage people to draw nearer to Him in intimate worship. Call or e-mail any one of us to discuss what you would like to schedule and what we have to offer.

How can I order a garment of praise?
You can order a garment of praise by mail, phone, or email.

The King's Closet
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How can I pay for my garment of praise?
You can pay by check or money order made out to The King's Closet, or contact us about using PayPal.

How much do the garments cost?
The price is listed for each item, Wisconsin sales tax, shipping, and handling are then added.