The left photo shows garment lengths and the right shows panel widths - note the width of fabric falling off the shoulder.
How to use the Size Chart
The chart indicates approximately where a garment will fall based on height.
Garments come in three panel widths: narrow (-), regular, and plus (+).
Note: Narrow panel garments have ribbon sides.
To choose your size:
   1) Locate your height in the left-hand column.
   2) Select the length you prefer (ankle, mid-calf, or knee length).
   3) Choose your desired panel width: narrow (-), regular, or plus (+).
Example:  Someone 5'5" tall who wants a mid-calf length, plus-width garment would choose an M+.
Size Chart
Your HeightAnkle LengthMid-Calf LengthKnee Length
5' to 5'4"M-MM+S-SS+custom
5'5" to 5'9"L-LL+M-MM+S-SS+
5'10" to 6'2"customL-LL+M-MM+
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